The Teen Suicide Prevention Task Force convened by Utah Governor Gary Herbert in January 2018 issued its initial recommendations on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  Those recommendations can be found at this link: 02.19.2018-Memorandum-Teen-Suicide-Prevention-Task-Force-Recommendations

The Task Force identified three strong programs that can improve crisis response: Safe UT, the UNI MCOT program, and the “Zero Suicide” framework for healthcare practitioners and systems.

One of the strongest pleas from the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition was for better data to understand better what is happening with Utah’s teens. The task force supports increased support for forensic autopsies in the Medical Examiner’s Office as recommended in the Governor’s proposed budget. Further, the task force recommends collecting data from high school students on sexual orientation and gender identity in the Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) Statewide Survey.

The Report found that far and away the most important thing we can do immediately is to make sure that our children feel included, cared for and loved — regardless of who they are, what they have done and their inevitable challenges. They need to live and play in spaces where access to lethal means is restricted.