Meet the Panelists: Day 2

Our goal at State of Mind is to shine a light on current mental health issues impacting our community. We will look at the gaps in the system and bring together the best local minds in the field of mental health to talk about solutions and initiatives. Learn how YOU can be involved and affect change. Join us for one – […]

Why I Hate Valentines Day

Valentines Day was my least favorite holiday when I was a RN working in the Emergency Department because it was one of our most frenzied days. Men came in with chest pain, women came in with mental health crises. It was always a very busy day of tending to broken hearts.  Thinking back on my own experiences with Valentine’s Day, […]

An Employer Responds to Mental Health Challenge

“Firsts” are always frightening for me and in some cases, surprising! In over 20 years of staffing my crew, I’ve encountered many situations with individuals who had debilitating behaviors due to unresolved trauma and chemical imbalances but I have never encountered anything like this before and I had no tool in my tool kit to deal with this situation.  As […]

The Power of Peers

Some of us are experiencing serious challenges to our own mental health for the first time in our lives due to the isolation, loneliness, and/or perhaps financial hardships that have resulted from the COVID-19 restrictions. We may be struggling with depression, loneliness, mood swings, hopelessness, and/or increased anxiety. Or we may know someone who is struggling with these emotions. Many […]

Caminando hacia esperanza (Walking With Hope)

Caminando hacia la esperanza El 16 de febrero de 2021, Andrés vio un volante sobre el Promotor Comunitario de CONNECT Summit County (Peer Navigator). Que decía: “Te escuchamos, te guiamos y te apoyamos para conseguir la ayuda y los recursos que necesitas”. Después de varios días de debatir si debía hacer la llamada y pedir ayuda, Andrés decidió llamar. Manifestó […]

Need help but don’t know where to turn? Introducing our NEW Peer Navigation Services!

Peer Navigation Services help individuals and their family members find the support, information, services, treatment facilities, providers and/or other resources that best meet their current behavioral health needs. Peer Navigation Services are provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists or Certified Family Peer Support Specialists who have the lived experience of having a behavioral health condition and/or a family member who […]