Mental Health Awareness Month Recap, 2022

At a time when Utah has the highest rate of mental health illness in the US, providing access to mental health resources has never been more important. CONNECT Summit County celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month in May by supporting youth and Spanish-speakers in Summit County. Nationally, people are becoming more aware of the need for mental health services, and signs […]

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources in Utah

Happy Pride Month! CONNECT Summit County is working to provide mental health resources to EVERYONE in Summit County. If you are seeking mental health services that are LGBTQ+ inclusive, start with the list below.  LGBTQQIP2SAA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit (2S), androgynous and asexual.  Click “see definitions” to learn more about each of these terms. […]

Beyond the Baby Blues – Postpartum Mood Disorders

You just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. All ten fingers. All ten toes. Two big, beautiful eyes stare up at you, and . . . you’re terrified. You’re nervous. You’re depressed and prone to fits of crying. You’re manic and can’t sleep, calm yourself or think straight. You experience wild mood swings in the course of a few […]

Hablemos de Salud Mental

CONNECT se compromete a dedicar del recursos y esfuerzos a la comunidad de habla hispana del condado de Summit para la campaña contra el estigma.  CONNECT Summit County ha aumentado con éxito el alcance comunitario dentro de la comunidad de habla hispana en medios digitales a través de una serie de entrevistas en vivo entre Linda Norquist, – encargada de […]

Reaching Rural Utah

CONNECT Summit County has been working to reach rural communities in Summit County. During Mental Health Awareness Month, CONNECT’s team held an event called Mental Health in the Park on Saturday, May 21st. Our community partners from the Summit County Clubhouse and Healthy U Behavioral came out to talk with residents about mental health resources. Attendees enjoyed a free lunch […]

Don’t Forget Me: Book Discussion Summary

On May 13, 2021, CONNECT Summit County, in collaboration with the Summit County and Park City Libraries hosted a small group of people gathered virtually to discuss the contents of the book, ‘Don’t Forget Me’ by Steve M. Grant. This is one father’s story of losing two sons to drug overdoses and his desperate attempts to save them from the […]

Wendy O’Leary announces move to Colorado but shares her insights for improving Utah’s mental health services

CONNECT Summit County’s Resource Navigation Director Wendy O’Leary sees the irony: She has been on the frontline of behavioral health advocacy in Utah for many years…and is moving to Colorado to seek better services for her family. O’Leary recently announced that she is leaving Utah following a family vacation to Colorado where her adult son, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, had […]

Need help but don’t know where to turn? Introducing our NEW Peer Navigation Services!

Peer Navigation Services help individuals and their family members find the support, information, services, treatment facilities, providers and/or other resources that best meet their current behavioral health needs. Peer Navigation Services are provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists or Certified Family Peer Support Specialists who have the lived experience of having a behavioral health condition and/or a family member who […]

How Electronics Impact The Human Brain | Dr. Christy Kane

Do you worry how electronics impact the human brain — not only for your kids, but for you, and for our society? What is the research behind how our brains are changing as a result of using electronics? Come find out more during the upcoming presentation, “How Electronics Impact the Human Brain,” By Dr. Christy Kane, on Thursday, March 14, […]

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