Mental Health Awareness Month Recap, 2022

At a time when Utah has the highest rate of mental health illness in the US, providing access to mental health resources has never been more important. CONNECT Summit County celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month in May by supporting youth and Spanish-speakers in Summit County. Nationally, people are becoming more aware of the need for mental health services, and signs […]

Reaching Rural Utah

CONNECT Summit County has been working to reach rural communities in Summit County. During Mental Health Awareness Month, CONNECT’s team held an event called Mental Health in the Park on Saturday, May 21st. Our community partners from the Summit County Clubhouse and Healthy U Behavioral came out to talk with residents about mental health resources. Attendees enjoyed a free lunch […]

Community Panel: Time To ReCONNECT

This virtual panel discussion will highlight local experts on the topic of reCONNECTing after the pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 have extended far beyond the virus itself, affecting our connection with our bodies, minds and the earth. Join Kwinten Kemp, Jana Quilter, Sam Mekrut, Anayansy Pentoja, and Lauren Ziaks as they discuss how to reCONNECT with ourselves and each other, […]

Your Guide to May Mental Health Awareness Month in Summit County

To end the stigma of mental illness through community education, CONNECT Summit County will host a Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) consumer education campaign with talks, films and events on a range of issues. Topics will include grief and loss, complementary approaches to mental health, resilience through art, the Brainstorm Film Festival and the Ask Me Anything teen panel discussion. […]

Wall Street Journal’s Cover Story Addresses Utah’s Youth Suicide Epidemic; What CONNECT is Doing to Bring Awareness

Our country’s teenagers are being hit hard by the rising suicide rate, dubbed “deaths of despair.” According to the Wall Street Journal’s April 13-14, 2019 cover story, “Few places have been hit harder than Utah, where the youth suicide rate has more than tripled over the past decade. The state consistently ranks in the top three in suicide among 10 to 17-year-olds,” […]

Call for Art: Images of Resilience

[re·sil·ience] The capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness. How has creating or practicing art impacted you in positive ways, making you feel resilient? Share YOUR story of resilience through the medium of art. CONNECT Summit County, the Park City Summit County Arts Council, Kimball Art Center and the Summit County Arts Advisory Board have partnered to present Images of Resilience […]

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