Don’t Forget Me: Book Discussion Summary

On May 13, 2021, CONNECT Summit County, in collaboration with the Summit County and Park City Libraries hosted a small group of people gathered virtually to discuss the contents of the book, ‘Don’t Forget Me’ by Steve M. Grant. This is one father’s story of losing two sons to drug overdoses and his desperate attempts to save them from the […]

The Power of Peers

Some of us are experiencing serious challenges to our own mental health for the first time in our lives due to the isolation, loneliness, and/or perhaps financial hardships that have resulted from the COVID-19 restrictions. We may be struggling with depression, loneliness, mood swings, hopelessness, and/or increased anxiety. Or we may know someone who is struggling with these emotions. Many […]

CONNECT’s ‘healing hikes’ featured in Park Record

One of the hardest trials any parent could go through is the loss of a child, said Dr. Katie Grace MacElveen, a Park City-based counselor. “Some people would say something is out of order if a child dies before a parent,” MacElveen said. “And a loss like that changes how we relate to ourselves, our families and the world around […]

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