Did you know that childhood bipolar disorder is more prevalent in the US than in Europe? Did you know that it is often confused with ADHD and goes untreated for years? CONNECT hosted  internationally recognized psychiatrist, researcher and author Dr. Robert Post on Thursday, February 22 in Park City.

Dr. Post addressed “Childhood Bipolar Disorder: Are We Over-diagnosing Or Under-Diagnosing Our Kids?” Geared primarily for mental health service providers, Dr. Post’s talk engaged family members who are dealing with their children’s mental health issues. Dr. Post also discussed The Child Network, a secure website he has developed through which parents can rate their children’s symptoms on a weekly basis to facilitate clinical evaluation.

Here is the link to Dr. Post’s Child Mood Disorder Initiative: http://bipolarnews.org/?page_id=2630, and the patient charting tool: http://bipolarnews.org/?page_id=175.

Dr. Post’s talk was presented by CONNECT’s Provider Roundtable in partnership with the prestigious Psychiatric Research Society.  Dr. Post was interviewed on KPCW The Mountain Life on 2/14/2018 (Time stamp 9:45-10am) – you will find his talk on early childhood bipolar disorder fascinating: http://kpcw.org/post/mountain-life-february-14-2108

The slides from Dr. Post’s presentation are now available at this link: https://connectsummitcounty.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Dr.-Post-Power-Point-FINAL.pptx

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