Screening for Mental Health was founded in 1990 by Dr. Douglas Jacobs who had the idea that screening for depression and related mental illness should be performed much like his colleagues in the medical field were screening for physical diseases like cancer and diabetes.  From that initial National Depression Screening Day in 1990, its programming has expanded dramatically to include online screening platforms for eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and mood and anxiety disorders. Screening for Mental Health’s online screenings allow organizations to proactively provide an assessment of the user’s mental health, information on whether the user’s assessment results are consistent with a mental health disorder, an overview of the signs and symptoms of treatable mental health disorders, and access to local, quality treatment options. The platform can be used at elementary schools, colleges and universities, provider offices and hospitals, mental health kiosks, and community organizations that are charged with connecting community members with mental health screenings and referral information.  The website, which is available here:, also offers anonymous free online screening tools.

For states, including Utah, that do not mandate mental health screenings in primary care settings, Screening For Mental Health is a viable option for consumers and providers seeking to provide and obtain proactive and advanced levels of mental health screening and referral services.