CONNECT Summit County, a non-profit, grassroots, mental health advocacy organization, is seeking an Executive Director to serve as CONNECT’s Chief Executive Officer. This full-time position reports to the CONNECT Board of Directors. Salary based on experience. No benefits.


  1.  Serve as the chief executive officer of CONNECT
  2.  Promote an organizational culture built on respect  for employees, volunteers and community members; cooperation in achieving goals; responsiveness to community needs; dedication to CONNECT’s goals; innovation; flexibility; nimbleness; and decisiveness.
  3.  Prepare annual budget for review and approval by Board of Directors and manage CONNECT’s operations in line with the annual budget (including any amendments).
  4.  Plan and Conduct Fundraising Activities, including: (a) identification of and relationship building with individual donors;  (b) identification of and implementation of appropriate fundraising events, such as Live PC Give PC;  (c) identification of grant opportunities, preparation of requests, submission of required reports, and maintenance of strong relationships; and (d) administrative support activities such as donor tracking, 501(c)(3) letters, thank you notes, etc.
  5.   Support Director of Educational Programming
  6.  Support Director of Navigation and Database Services
  7.  Supervise all personnel, except Educational Programming Coordinator, who reports to Director of Educational Programming.
  8.  Oversee provision of family support groups
  9.   Plan and Implement effective Public Relations Strategy, including preparation of CONNECT’s annual report to the community.
  10.   Champion New Services, including identifying and managing new initiatives
  11.  Advocate for Better Mental Health Services
  12.  Build the Organizational Capacity Necessary to Achieve the Strategic Plan Goals, including hiring necessary personnel and arranging appropriate education and training.
  13.  Update strategic plan as appropriate for approval by Board of Directors.
  14.  Build community partnerships, working with the Director of Educational Programming as appropriate.
  15.  Represent CONNECT in the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance and other appropriate community organizations.
  16.  Provide regular activity reports to Board of Directors and work with the Board Chair on setting meeting agendas and with Board committees as appropriate.
  17.  Develop plan for appropriate metrics for CONNECT’s operations and oversee implementation.
  18.  Assure timely preparation of payroll bookkeeping entries and timely response to communications from the community, including e-mail.
  19.  Assure appropriate use of technology by all CONNECT personnel.
  20.  Perform any other duties necessary to maintain CONNECT as a strong, viable organization serving the community effectively.

Required Experience:

  1.  Strong management skills and experience, especially with delegation.
  2.  Fundraising experience and skills
  3.  Knowledge of the mental health system.
  4.  Experience with managing to a budget.
  5.  Knowledge of Summit County Community is preferred
  6.  College degree preferred
  7.  Advanced degree related to mental health a plus (e.g. LCSW, APRN, etc.)

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume by Monday, June 24th, along with two references to [email protected]