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Mental Health Screenings, Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessments

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Despite the high prevalence of mental health and substance use problems, too many Americans go without treatment — in part because their disorders go undiagnosed. Many people have a long delay between developing a mental disorder and receiving appropriate treatment and support.  The longer the delay in getting help, the more difficult recovery might be. Regular screenings in primary care and other healthcare settings enables earlier identification of mental health and substance use disorders, which translates into earlier care.  In some states like Massachusetts, all primary-care providers are required to offer (from birth to 21 years) standardized behavioral-health screenings as part of well child and medically necessary exams. Unfortunately, not all states require primary care providers to conduct mental health screenings as a regular course during annual well child and adult patient visits.  This means that many mental health disorders are not getting diagnosed, or worse, misdiagnosed.  Early intervention programs are key.

To address this problem, several entities have created online screening tools and online resource centers for those seeking more information about their, or a loved ones, mental health.  The entities listed below provide online screening tools as well as tools for specific diagnoses.

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:  This site provides online screening tools specifically for Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, as well as many other assessments.  It is a well-organized and informative resource.

Screening for Mental Health is dedicated to coordinating nationwide mental health screening programs and reducing stigma to increase help-seeking behavior.   Its programs can identify at-risk individuals in minutes and reach individuals at all stages of their life, spanning from teenagers, college students, to older adults.  Its commercial and public screening tools are designed to provide a safe and anonymous way for individuals to check in on their mental health by using online self-assessments to allow users to screen for mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders. The online screenings provide an assessment of the user’s mental health, information on whether the user’s assessment results are consistent with a mental health disorder, an overview of the signs and symptoms of treatable mental health disorders, and access and referral to local, quality treatment options.   Click Here to Take an Anonymous Screening.

Mood Swings is an online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder. Material used in the website is based on effective face-to-face group programs. Qualifying participants may also participate in a research study.

The Child Network is an online tool and research study that allows parents to track their child’s mood and behavior through weekly assessments on a secure web site under a protocol approved by the John’s Hopkins IRB. The tool is specifically intended for parents of children who have mood or behavioral problems (or who are at-risk for problems because the parent has depression or bipolar disorder). The weekly assessment of symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, oppositionality, and mania takes only a few minutes and the results can be printed out to visualize symptom trajectory and response to treatment. This may be very helpful to parents and clinicians in following symptom evolution and improvement, and will provide much needed information on childhood mood disorders.

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Advanced Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) creates individualized plans focused on reducing each child’s maladaptive behavior and enhancing pro-social behavior. These skills are taught by implementing techniques learned from our child and adolescent therapy and behavior consultation based in Park City, Utah.  Advanced Behavior Analysis, Inc. provides consultations, assessments, and therapy sessions. ABA consists of many evidence- based practices (practices that are backed by significant research) aimed at increasing positive, useful behaviors and reducing behaviors that are detrimental either physically, socially or academically. ABA therapy is also used to increase language and communication skills, improve attention, focus, social skills, self help skills, memory and academics. Call Clinical Director Brittany Coyle MA, BCBA to make an appointment (Cell: 435-962-3661).

Expansive Horizons Counseling is certified through the state to offer mental health, familial, substance abuse, trauma, and domestic violence services to ages 2-99. A substance abuse assessment is $100. Domestic Violence Assessment is $175. Mental Health Assessments are $175. They have two separate locations:

  • Kamas location: 228 West 200 South Suite 2E Kamas, UT  84036
  • Heber location: 150 Main Street Suite 101 Heber City, UT 84032

Please contact Expansive Horizons at 801-360-6955. Hours are Monday through Thursday: 8am-7pm. Clients can usually get in on the same day.  All insurances including Utah Medicaid are accepted as they are a certified provider in all areas. They offer contractual agreements with several local churches. They also offer payment plans.

Gale and Associates, Center for Assessment and Psychotherapy.  This private practice in Park City, Utah offers a range of specialized neuropsychological and psychological assessment and therapy services, ranging from learning disability assessment to adolescent, adult, and couples therapy.  They specifically provide child and adolescent psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.  A psychological evaluation can lend insight into the effects of a psychiatric condition, Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD or comorbid learning disabilities and mental disorders on overall levels of socio-emotional or interpersonal, behavioral, and adaptive functioning.

Jewish Family Service
Jewish Family Service mission is to strengthen individuals and families of all backgrounds through  counseling, advocacy, care management and education.  Mental health evaluations/assessments and counseling are the cornerstone of Jewish Family Service’s services.  Jewish Family Service provides weekly appointments with licensed mental health professionals for individuals, youth, family, and couples counseling. All services are provided on a sliding scale allowing JRF to reach people at all income levels.

People’s Health Clinic
The People’s Health Clinic provides medical services to the uninsured of Summit County. The Clinic does not provide emergency or urgent care. The People’s Health Clinic established collaboration with Jewish Family Services in early 2010 to provide affordable mental health counseling services and psychiatric evaluations by licensed practitioners to patients of the Clinic. Jessica Dell, LCSW,  offers appointments some Thursday evenings. The Clinic has also collaborated with a local bilingual Psychiatrist who has agreed to see one patient per week at her office.  Patients seeking counseling services are also referred to Valley Behavioral Health.  Please call 435.333.1850 to schedule an appointment.

The Mental Health Department at the University of Utah Redstone Health Clinic
Existing patients of the Redstone clinic may make appointments for mental health screenings and assessments, therapy, and other mental health support services at the new Mental Health Department at the Redstone Health Clinic. The Department also offers caregiver and holiday support groups. Open during business hours only (no after hours). For appointments, please call Office: 435-658-9238; Clinic: 435-658-9262.  Appointments can be made with Dr. Lynn Dobias (Thursdays only) or Amanda Wissler.

Summit Community Counseling
Summit County Counseling offers psychological testing, assessment, diagnosis, and follow-up treatment to determine developmental and intellectual functioning as well as assessment for Autism, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and learning problems in young children. To schedule an appointment, please call 801.266.2485. En español:

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment
The Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment is committed to excellence in the assessment and provision of psychological services. The Center has a new Round Valley location. They believe that in order to provide quality treatment, it is essential to collaborate with our clients to assess progress and adapt the treatment responsively. The Center is trained in a variety of evidence based psychotherapies for many different clinical conditions, including anxiety, depression, self-injury, personality disorders, physical health concerns, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other problems in living. Clinical programs include:

The Anxiety and Mood Program
Director: Dr. Robin Lange

The Behavioral Health Program
Director: Dr. Robin Lange

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program
Director: Dr. Sheila Crowell (Dr. Crowell is the program founder and director).

The Psychiatry Program
Director: Dr. Jessica Jones

The Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Program
Director: Dr. Ashley Greenwell

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment
750 Round Valley Drive, Suite 103, Park City, UT 84060
-and- 164 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Tel. 801-419-0139

Valley Behavioral Health
Valley provides psychiatric evaluations and assessments for Summit County residents.  To schedule one, please call 435-649-8347 or visit  Services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Wasatch Pediatrics’ (Summit Pediatrics) Mental Health Program provides evidence-based behavioral medicine for children and adolescents.  Summit Pediatrics also provides mental health screenings and assessments.  They specialize in treating children (ages 2 to 18) that struggle with anxiety, mood, attention, depression, academic, developmental, and behavioral concerns through the following services:

  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Parent Training
  • Medication Management

Please call the Park City Office at 435-655-0926 to schedule an assessment (750 Round Valley Drive  Suite 102, Park City, UT 84060).

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University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI)
UNI offers patient-centered care to treat all aspects of mental health for children and adults.  The UNI Downtown Behavioral Health Clinic – (801) 585-1212 – offers outpatient services for adults, children, and adolescents. The clinic provides psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, consultation, and medication management as well as therapy services.

When a child or adolescent is facing complex mental health issues, regular sessions with a psychiatrist or even a weeklong evaluation may not provide enough time and in-depth observation to understand the factors that are contributing to a patient’s challenge. The UNI Comprehensive Assessment Treatment (CAT) Program is an assessment program that targets this population.  The CAT Program’s mission is Focus, Clarity, Direction. In the first phase of the program, our collaborative team will Focus on the child’s primary issues, identify the root of these issues, and work to establish clear and individualized goals for treatment. In the second phase, Clarity is established. The child will receive a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment which will provide diagnostic clarification. In the last phase, the child and the family is provided with Direction. We offer recommendations for the most appropriate setting for the child moving forward.

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment
The Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment is committed to excellence in the assessment and provision of psychological services. We believe that in order to provide quality treatment, it is essential to collaborate with our clients to assess progress and adapt the treatment responsively. Our clinical team integrates research and therapy. As such, we use multiple methods of assessment before, during, and following treatment. We are trained in a variety of evidence based psychotherapies for many different clinical conditions, including anxiety, depression, self-injury, personality disorders, physical health concerns, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other problems in living. Dr. Sheila Crowell is the program founder and director.

Wasatch Canyons
Wasatch Canyons is IHC’s behavioral health campus located in Taylorsville, UT.  It offers 4 points of service: 1) A 20 bed in-patient unit providing  24 hour care for children and adolescents ages 5-18 with depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger management, and other psychiatric and behavioral issues; 2) A Residential Day Treatment Program; 3) An Outpatient Day Treatment Program; 4) and a Center for Outpatient Counseling where former patients and the general public may receive psychiatric and psychological therapy from a large group of practitioners.  Comprehensive neuropsychological assessments are conducted.

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