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Mental Health Providers (Psychologists, Psychiatrists, LCSW, other Counseling Services)

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Aspen View Counseling, LLC
Becky Price has been a licensed Marriage, Family therapist for over 25 years. Individual: She has years of experience assisting women of all ages with such issues as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction in their relationships. Relationships: She has expertise in assisting couples in premarital, marital and divorce adjustment. Lack of effective communication, loss of intimacy, parenting issues, and stress over finances are some of the issues that typically bring couples to therapy. You may contact Becky via email at

Counseling Center of Park City, part of the services offered by the Christian Center of Park City 
The six-member Counseling Team at the Christian Center lead by Leah Harter (LCMHC) are a team of passionate, professional counselors dedicated to helping with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, or grief. They have a wide variety of specialties ranging from kids to adults in both English and Spanish. Claire Camp (Psy D.) offers therapy to Spanish-speakers. Phyllis Rehn (LCMHC, RN) specializes in relationships, while Lauren Hansen (ACMHC) works with children and adolescents and Stella Blight prescribes and monitors medications.  AJ Frithiof (LCSW) was recently hired to help teens and people with substance abuse problems. Frithiof’s position was created in response to growing concerns in the Park City community that surfaced after two Treasure Mountain Junior High students died of overdoses. Finally, Dr. Scott Hill provides counseling services across all ages.

Fees: It is the Center’s desire to offer affordable counseling for anyone seeking it. They work with most insurance companies and offer a scholarship program to allow people to pay what they are able to afford.  Contact: Feel free to call Leah Harter, Therapist and Director of the Center, to learn more about what is offered and to discuss the best counselor for you needs. This article published in the 12/6/2016 Park Record provides an excellent overview of the Counseling options available at the Center.

CG Mental Health 

Christopher Gauger is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) currently accepting new clients in the Summit County community, including members of the LDS Faith and the Spanish Speaking community.  His treatment orientation includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), experiential therapy, play therapy, and many others.  He sees children, adolescents, and some adults.  He is focused on family and individual therapy.  He accepts most insurance including Medicaid.  Average cost per session is $120.  Languages Spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, English.  Chris can be reached at 307-254-1818 or via email at:

The Dell Center for Therapy: Transforming Health and Wellness
Jessica Dell, LCSW
Tel. 801-447-2666
Address: 5532 Lillehammer Lane, Suite 102, Park City, UT 84098

Expansive Horizons Counseling is certified through the state to offer mental health, familial, substance abuse, trauma, and domestic violence services to ages 2-99.  There are three providersDr. Liza Sanderson, PSYD, NCC, NCSP, CMHT, LPC, Clinical psychologist, nationally certified mental health counselor, school psychologist, clinical mental health therapist, and life coach. Travis Sanderson, Clinical mental health therapist. Jenny Gempeler, Clinical mental health therapist.  Fees: A one hour session is $100. A substance abuse assessment is $100. Domestic Violence Assessment is $175. Mental Health Assessments are $175.

They have two separate locations:
•Kamas location: 228 West 200 South Suite 2E Kamas, UT 84036
•Heber location: 150 Main Street Suite 101 Heber City, UT 84032

Please contact Expansive Horizons at 801-360-6955. Hours are Monday through Thursday: 8am-7pm. Clients can usually get in on the same day. All insurances including Utah Medicaid are accepted as they are a certified provider in all areas. They offer contractual agreements with several local churches. They also offer payment plans.

The Greater You – Greater Life Counseling and Coaching

Kwinten Kemp has studied and employs evidence-based methods of guiding people through eating disorders, obesity, and the weight loss process. He is a Certified Therapeutic Weight Management Specialist and adolescent mental health counselor. He has spearheaded work in helping clients work through the underlying emotional struggles that many times underpin weight and body image problems.  His specialty is working with adolescents in the Park City area.  All of the center’s counselors are licensed professionals trained to support and guide each participant through the challenges associated with emotional eating, weight management, eating disorders, and general poor body image. The counselors, including Chris Tittle, work to guide adolescents and adults in working through core mental health challenges that have led to the problems with weight or body appreciation, thereby empowering people to create the healthy lifestyle they so desire.

Harmony Family Therapy
Nancy Sutton, LMFT
Offices in Park City and Midway, UT
Park City office located at 2720 Homestead Drive #10
Tel. 435-513-5708 or 435-654-440

The Healing Group
The Healing Group specializes in maternal mental health, sexuality & intimacy and couples counseling. We opened the doors of our Park City office and new client appointments are available. Sarah Caldwell, CSW, specializes in maternal mental health, sex & intimacy, relationship distress, life transitions, trauma and EMDR. Learn more about Sarah’s practice by visiting Interested in working together? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation by calling 801-305-3171

Intermountain Health Care (Park City Round Valley Clinic, Psychiatry & Counseling)

  • Melissa P. Lopez-Larson, MD Psychiatry (Seeing patients through 12/31/2017)
    Dr. Lopez-Larson is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and received her M.D. from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. Dr. Lopez-Larson performed her adult and child psychiatry training at Harvard Medical School training sites including Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital and Cambridge Hospital, respectively. Her focus is on brain development in healthy youths and in youths with psychiatric illness with a specific focus on the identification of risk factors for psychiatric illness. Dr. Lopez-Larson is a full time neuroimaging researcher and is studying the effects of development on specific brain networks believed to be involved in cognition and mood regulation in healthy children as well as in youths with bipolar disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Lopez-Larson is with the Park City IHC Hospital and is currently only accepting established patients at the Park City Round Valley location.
  • Christine Pembroke, LCSW (3 Days Per Week Only)

Jewish Family Service
Jewish Family Service mission is to strengthen individuals and families of all backgrounds through  counseling, advocacy, care management and education.  Mental health counseling is the cornerstone of Jewish Family Service’s services and is offered through the People’s Health Clinic in Park City.  Jewish Family Service provides weekly appointments with licensed mental health professionals for individuals, youth, family, and couples counseling. All services are provided on a sliding scale allowing JRF to reach people at all income levels. Please email Ellen Silver at to learn more.

Margaret “Peg” Tan, LCMHC
Peg Tan PLLC is located in Park City and offers 3 areas of mental health expertise for children 0-18 years. She has a specialty in early childhood mental health (birth to 5); school-age children most commonly on latency age mental health issues; and success with adolescent issues such as peer conflict, identity questions, substance use, academic functioning struggles, emotion disregulation, anxiety, trauma, body image, and family dischord. Most insurance taken.  Please call Peg at 435-513-4799 to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Department at the University of Utah Redstone Health Clinic:

Patients at the Redstone Health Clinic have access to the Mental Health Department within the clinic. Areas of Interest: Chronic mental illness, geriatric psychiatry, telepsychiatry, rural outreach.  Please call the Redstone Health Center at 435-658-9262 to schedule an appointment.

Open Way Resources

Dr. Katie Grace MacElveen, PhD, LCMHC. Katie specializes in couples therapy as well as supporting strong and mindful families.
Tel. 385-355-1231
Park City Office: 
1790 Sun Peak Drive, Suite B-105
Park City, UT 84098

Park City Counseling
Angelique Poncelet, LCMHC
3070 Rasmussen Rd. Suite 160
Park City, UT 84098
Tel:(435) 513-2300

Angelique specializes in treating adults with issues related to stress, anxiety, grief, PTSD and exposure to trauma. In addition to private pay, various insurance is accepted.

Park City Psychotherapy
Dr. Donn Peters, Clinical Psychologist
Address: 2720 Homestead Road, Suite 30, Park City, UT 84098
Tel: 435-649-6838

People’s Health Clinic
The People’s Health Clinic provides outpatient medical services to the uninsured of Summit County 5 days a week. The Clinic does not provide emergency or urgent care. The People’s Health Clinic established collaboration with Jewish Family Services in early 2010 to provide affordable mental health counseling services and psychiatric evaluations by licensed practitioners to patients of the Clinic.  Patients seeking counseling services are also referred to Valley Behavioral Health. Please call 435.333.1850 to schedule a behavioral health appointment.

Red Willow Counseling & Recovery (Park City Location)

Red Willow Counseling & Recovery has opened a new office in the Sun Peak area of Park City. We provide competent, compassionate, and collaborative therapy and recovery services in the areas of drug and alcohol addiction, relief from depression and anxiety, and trauma/abuse resolution and support. Our Park City primary therapist is Arch Wright (ACMHC, CSAT-C) who brings a wealth of experience and training in helping people with mental health and addiction, including substances, sex/love, work, etc. In addition, to his more than 30 years of background in addiction recovery protocols, Arch recently completed a year-long internship at Gentle Path at the Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ where he worked with Dr. Patrick Carnes in treating individuals who suffer from sex/intimacy issues, behavioral compulsivity, substance abuse, and unresolved emotional immaturity issues that drive dysfunctional life patterns in adulthood.  In addition to being a therapist, Arch is also an Addiction Treatment Planning Consultant. He works with several of the nation’s and Utah’s top rehab programs and offers a range of services to families in need starting with an initial informational conversation free of charge to a long term case management engagement where He serves the client and family for a year including weekly consultation with the rehab center clinical team all the way through discharge, aftercare planning, and outpatient therapy services.  Arch Wright can be reached at or (435) 776-6862.   For help with postpartum depression and women’s issues, please visit Red Willow’s partner clinic: The Healing Group.

Shauna Bradley (LCSW) Counseling Services

Shauna Bradley is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and provides counseling services to the Summit County community, including members of the LDS Faith.  Most insurance accepted. Location: 1700 Park Avenue, Suite 2065, Park City, UT 84060; For appointments, please call: (435) 645-7097.

Summit Community Counseling
Karen Malm and her outstanding team of 25 therapists offer counseling, assessment, and therapy services to toddlers and young children, adolescents, adults, and couples and families.  The Center also offers a youth mentoring program, geriatric services, LGBTQ Services, LDS counseling services, psychosocial rehabilitation services, and EMOSHA therapy for children ages 4-6 and/or in 1-5 grade. EMOSHA incorporates play therapy and Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) to help improve a child’s body and mind.  It teaches children how to use physical activities to deal with stress, struggles, and emotions.  For an appointment at the Park City office, please call 801.266.2485.  En español:

Summit Pediatrics (Wasatch Pediatrics)
Dan Braun, LCSW (sees all ages) (Tel. 801-453-9625)
Nate Ridge, PsyD, PA-C (Practices in SLC but can provide psychiatric services in Summit County) (801-565-1162)
Helen Aioki, APRN (Practices in SLC but can provide medication management in Summit County) (801-565-1162)

Synergism Counseling
Synergism Counseling offers therapy services in Park City by therapist Debra Ayers. As a graduate of the University of Utah, Debra’s experience includes treating depression, anxiety, mood, and personality disorders as well as survivors of trauma and sexual assault. She works with adults, couples, families, and groups and is trained on trauma-informed practice for women-at-risk, substance abuse populations, as well as the chronic and persistently mentally ill. A variety of clinical methodologies are utilized including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. During the weekdays, she sees hematology and stem cell transplant patients at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. Debra is available to see Summit County patients in the evenings and on the weekends for individual and couples sessions. Her professional associations include, the National Association of Social Workers, the Association for Women in Psychology, the Trauma Informed Care Network and the Association of Oncology Social Workers.

Contact Information:, Phone: 801-913-6057

Office Location: 2720 Homestead Road, Suite 30, Park City, UT 84098

Insurance: Debra accepts the following insurance providers: Aetna, Altius, Coventry, EMI Health, PEHP. For all other insurance providers a “Superbill” statement is available if you wish to be reimbursed directly under your plan.

Trail Talk Park City
Trailtalk is unique in offering the opportunity for “Walk and Talks”with a professionally trained psychotherapist and APRN – Allison Page.  Trailtalk meets you where you are, on or off the trail. Walk with a professionally trained therapist near your home or office before work, at lunch, or at the end of a long day. Trailtalk is mobile, fluid and open to your needs. Therapylite® is Trailtalk’s model of care. This model recognizes that we all need emotional check ups similar to routine preventive physical care. We all benefit when we “lighten up” by caring for our minds in the same way we care for our bodies. Therapylite® is Trailtalk’s way of shedding light on the stigma of mental illness and the fear of asking for emotional support by creating a model that feels “less clinical.” Trail Talk does not accept insurance; however, many health insurance carriers accept Trailtalk therapists as out-of-network providers.  Please ask Allison Page for a “superbill” to provide to your insurance company. Fees are $350 for a comprehensive psychological evaluation and $175 for counseling services with medication management.  Fees for counseling alone range from $125-$150 per hour.

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment

The Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment is committed to excellence in the assessment and provision of psychological services. The Center is colocated within Summit Pediatrics in Round Valley.  They believe that in order to provide quality treatment, it is essential to collaborate with our clients to assess progress and adapt the treatment responsively. The Center is trained in a variety of evidence based psychotherapies for many different clinical conditions, including anxiety, depression, self-injury, personality disorders, physical health concerns, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other problems in living. Clinical programs include:

The Anxiety and Mood Program
Director: Dr. Robin Lange: The Behavioral Health Program
Director: Dr. Robin Lange: The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program
Director: Dr. Sheila Crowell (Dr. Crowell is the program founder and director).

The Psychiatry Program
Director: Dr. Jessica Jones

The Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Program
Director: Dr. Ashley Greenwell

Practitioner in Park City: Justyn Manley

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment
750 Round Valley Drive, Suite 103, Park City, UT 84060
-and- 164 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Tel. 801-419-0139

Valley Behavioral Health
Valley is the County’s community mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment center.  Valley is the only Medicaid provider in the County.  Valley offers a breadth of intensive outpatient services for children and adults in Summit County including: psychiatric evaluations and assessments; medication management; court ordered treatment services; substance abuse testing and treatment; individual, family and group therapy; school-based counseling services; family based counseling services; and case management services. Valley currently has one Child/Adult Psychiatrist available 8 hours per week (there is a 3-6 month waiting list) and one full-time APRN. Services are offered in both English and Spanish.  To make an appointment in Summit County, please call 435-649-8347 or visit

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Megan Belcher (LCSW)

Megan received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Utah with an emphasis on substance abuse.  She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development from Brigham Young University. She has loved her years of experiences working with adolescents of all varieties, including members of the LDS Faith. She is particularly skilled in working with adolescents on the autism spectrum and with other learning disorders. She balances a directive therapeutic approach with building an internal sense of choice and identity within her students. You may call Megan at: 801-598-3337 or email her at: to schedule an appointment.

Synergism Counseling
Synergism Counseling is located in Heber and specializes in interactive, solution focused, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapies. Michelle Greene currently serves as a private therapist working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, and related disorders, PTSD, physical and sexual abuse, autism spectrum disorders, and more. Her five top specialties are that she works with children, teens, and families and is highly experienced in dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and parenting skills. All insurance accepted. To make an appointment request, please contact Michelle via email at or by phone at 801-350-1671.

University of Utah Pediatric Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic
This multidisciplinary outpatient clinic serves children ages 3-18 who are medically complex and have behavioral health-related issues. Services are provided Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm. at Eccles Primary Children’s Outpatient Services building. Intake evaluations, medication management, individual therapy, psychological and neuropsychological testing, and psycho-educational assessments are provided. The clinic has a variety of practitioners addressing a spectrum of mental health concerns.

Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment
The Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment is committed to excellence in the assessment and provision of psychological services. We believe that in order to provide quality treatment, it is essential to collaborate with our clients to assess progress and adapt the treatment responsively. Our clinical team integrates research and therapy. As such, we use multiple methods of assessment before, during, and following treatment. We are trained in a variety of evidence based psychotherapies for many different clinical conditions, including anxiety, depression, self-injury, personality disorders, physical health concerns, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other problems in living. Dr. Sheila Crowell is the program founder and director.

Wasatch Canyons – Primary Children’s Center for Counseling
The Primary Children’s Center for Counseling is located in Building G on the Wasatch Canyons Behavioral Health Campus in Taylorsville. The Center serves clients ages 3-18 with a wide range of services Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm. Intake evaluation, medication management, individual therapy, psychological testing, and psycho-educational assessments are provided.  In addition to hourly appointments with psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners, the Center offers group therapy and classes on the following topics: Love and Logic (Based on the ideas of Jim Fay), Effective Parenting, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for teens who struggle with mood/emotion regulation and related behaviors such as self-harm, drug/alcohol abuse, and/or chronic suicidal thinking.  DBT is the most intensive outpatient treatment option offered at the Center.  For more information, please call 801-313-7770 and ask for the Outpatient Center for Counseling. 

Psychiatrists and Therapists at Wasatch Canyons:

  • Dr. Richard Martini, M.D., Division Chief, Division of Pediatric Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Primary Children’s Center for Counseling, Wasatch Canyons Building G.  Dr. Martini provides consultation services in both inpatient and outpatient settings. His outpatient services focus on the medically ill patients who are in active treatment with a PCMC affiliated physician.
  • Stephanie Creekpaum, PsyD: Primary Children’s Center for Counseling, Wasatch Canyons Building G.
  • Dr. Jodi Morstein: Jodi sees patients at both University of Utah and Wasatch Canyons Building G:

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