Mental Health
Mental Health: It’s Just Part of Our Nature!

Mental Health: It’s Just Part of Our Nature!

As the last few days of summer start to fade into fall and birds are starting to fly South, you might get a glimpse of a bluebird on its migration path or a moose might startle you on your favorite hike. These are some of our favorite aspects of living in Summit County.

While it’s pretty amazing living up in the mountains, it’s not all high peaks and bluebird days. Mental health is just part of our nature. Like the leaves changing color and coyotes howling at night, sometimes we all get stuck in a valley.    

During one of the last “Car Free Sundays” on Park City’s iconic Main Street, CONNECT Summit County joined Park City Arts Summit County Arts Council to remind folks that mental health is just “Part of Our Nature” through an art activation. 

Our friends at Planet Earth First built us a tree out of reclaimed wood and we invited passers-by to decorate and add a leaf to our “Mental Wellness Tree”. Take a look at the leaves that folks decorated and left to share! 



Want to reflect on how mental health is part of your nature? Here are some fun writing prompts for reflection and maybe even share the first one at your dinner table with your family. 

We also have fun coloring pages with all of our animal friends. Check them out here.


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