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Making an Impact: Helping A Friend CONNECT with Mental Health Resources

Making an Impact: Helping A Friend CONNECT with Mental Health Resources

People call and email CONNECT Summit County’s Peer Navigation Services for many different reasons. Some are looking for a class or information about a specific mental health disorder, others are trying to find a therapist for themselves or a loved one. Sometimes people call looking for a support group or someone to talk to about an overwhelming situation. Sometimes people are not sure what kind of help they need. Our Peer Navigator will listen and help each person figure out what their options are and provide relevant information and resources.

People often call on behalf of a friend who is facing challenges due to a loved one who is experiencing mental health challenges. That is what happened a couple of weeks ago. Our Peer Navigator received an email from someone looking to help a friend. Catelynn had been talking with her friend who was having a rough time with her son who is in elementary school. He was having frequent angry outbursts throughout each day and his mom had tried many things to help him but he seemed to be getting worse and now she was at her wit’s end. Catelynn had remembered a flyer she saw about a Support Group for parents of children with mental health challenges, so she reached out to our Peer Navigator to find out about this group for her friend.

Our Peer Navigator knew about the parent support group and she personally knew the local elementary school counselor who volunteers her time to run the parent support group and regularly helps parents who have children with behavioral health challenges. Our Peer Navigator was able to reach the support group facilitator right away and learned that the group was not currently meeting due to COVID-19. The peer navigator was able to provide Catelynn with the information about the group and how her friend could be a part of it when it starts back up. Our Peer Navigator was also able to provide Catelynn with additional information and resources to give to her friend, including a link to the Utah Parent Center, information about free online NAMI BASICS Classes for parents, and tips for using the online Mental Health Resource Directory to find more information.

Catelynn wrote back to our Peer Navigator expressing her deep gratitude for the information that she was able to pass on to her friend. She also said that she personally had been helped by CONNECT Summit County in the past when she was dealing with a family member’s mental health crises.

“I must say again that your organization is great.  I rely on your resources often and really find what you do so valuable.  I have a child with a mental illness as well and have found so much support through your website, webinars, etc. Thank you!” – Catelynn

When you or someone you know isn’t sure where to turn for help with mental health concerns, it’s a good idea to start with CONNECT Summit County. We are actively involved in community mental health initiatives and with community partners to stay abreast of the latest information and resources available to the residents in our county. Please check out our website, event calendar, and online resource directory and if you don’t find what you are looking for  –  or if you aren’t sure what you are looking for -please give our confidential Peer Navigation Services a call 435.776.HELP or email: [email protected]org.

Want to Help Your Friend?

Calling Volunteers for our NEW Peer CONNECTions Program!

CONNECT Summit County is teaming up with Katz Amsterdam Foundation and the Johnson Depression Center to train a pool of peer support volunteers who have a variety of lived-experiences* and who are willing to be matched with individuals in the community who are in need of emotional support and peer connection.

Criteria for Peer CONNECTors

  • Participate in a brief interview speaking about your lived experience* and why you would like to give back to your community through this program
  • Attend the training on November 11 & 12 from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Agree to a minimum of six months of volunteer service
  • Agree to a minimum of four hours per month (usually one hour per week) volunteer service
  • Agree to requirements for data reporting
  • Submit a background check

If you would like to be trained as a Peer CONNECTor and learn how to use your lived experience* to help someone else in the community who is struggling with a similar mental health challenge, please email [email protected]

*Lived experience refers to your own mental health challenges and/or being the caregiver, friend, co-worker, or relative of someone with mental health challenges.

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