MyndTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer is a daily program designed to provide access to relationship health and mental health literacy.  Accessible from many radio stations, a daily podcast, on demand and via immediate download, MyndTALK is a daily relationship/mental health program with a goal to inform and inspire self-respect and self-awareness and personal empowerment, in short – mental and relationship wellness – mental and relationship health literacy. The goal of MyNDTALK interviews is to provide the MyNDTALK listener with current, thoughtful, often provocative insights into current political, social, and psychological issues that affect daily lives and impact mental health and well-being. The content is superb! Monday programming is all about men, Tuesday focuses on transitions, Wednesday is about women, Thoughtful Thursday presents an expert in an area related to the growth of mental health literacy, and Friday is “On The Other Side” – exploring the mental health side of events and experiences not ordinarily associated with mental health (the mental health aspect of community organization. View this week’s lineup here, including “Understanding Suicide” with Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell.  Tune in, Download, and Start Listening!