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Introduction to Ketamine Therapies to Treat Depression

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By Dr. Jeremy Kendrick, University of Utah, Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Session Description: This presentation will discuss the use of Ketamine for the treatment of depression. We will discuss the history of Ketamine’s use for depression as well as information regarding the drug’s mechanism of action and research showing its effectiveness.  Limitations and safety considerations will also be covered.

Who should attend: Any mental health providers, medical providers or paraprofessionals who are interested in learning the facts about ketamine and its treatment of depression.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Kendrick, Lead Ketamine expert, University of Utah

Dr. Kendrick currently practices inpatient psychiatry at the University’s Huntsman Mental Health Institute where he works with children and adolescents. He also works with adults in the University’s Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders Clinic and has particular interests in neurostimulation and experimental Ketamine infusions to treat individuals with severely refractory mental illness. As a Pediatrician as well as a Psychiatrist, Dr. Kendrick also has interest in the process of collaboration between primary care providers and specialists. He and three of his colleagues have created a unique program utilizing technology to facilitate communication between primary care Physicians and Psychiatrists with input directly from patients and parents (www.gateutah.org). Dr. Kendrick is also interested in medical informatics and the use of technology to improve efficiency and outcomes in health care. He is one of the University’s appointed Provider Informatacists and has published in areas related to privacy for adolescents in the digital age of electronic health records.

Read Dr. Kendrick’s full bio here.


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