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Are you struggling to help someone you know with serious mental illness accept treatment? In this training, you will learn an effective way to help someone seek mental health treatment who doesn’t recognize a need to do so.

We hope you will attend this LEAP® TRAINING to learn about the number one reason that people with severe mental illness (SMI) do not accept help or treatment — anosognosia, or a “lack of insight” into being ill.

LEAP® shows you how to quickly gain the trust of someone you are at odds with. When you Listen – Empathize – Agree – Partner®, you stop trying to convince the other person that they’re wrong, or simply misguided. Instead, you listen in a new, non-judgemental way that conveys respect for the person’s point of view.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify anosognosia vs “denial”
  • Reduce anger and paranoia
  • Quickly gain cooperation and compliance
  • Reduce involuntary hospitalizations


  • If you are a family member of someone with anosognosia for serious mental illness (does not believe they are ill) and refuses treatment.
  • If you are a family caregiver of someone who understands they need treatment.
  • If you are a mental healthcare, public service or law enforcement professional and want to help someone accept treatment and services.
  • LEAP® is for any relationship, but it also gives you the tools you need to reach an agreement with someone to accept treatment and services.

Registration is FREE (a $300 value, if you take this training elsewhere), but space is LIMITED!  Register here.

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