Don’t Forget Me: Steve M. Grant Speaks on Substance Use and HOPE

Steve M. Grant, author of Don’t Forget Me: A Lifeline of HOPE for Those Touched by Substance Abuse and Addiction spoke at Park City Community Church on May 25th, 2021. Don’t Forget Me tells the story of Steve’s two sons, Chris and Kelly, who took distinctly different paths to the same outcome: death by overdose. Steve shared what he has learned during his own difficult journey to encourage and guide others who love someone struggling with substance abuse. Preceding the event, Park City Library and Summit County Libraries hosted a book discussion around Don’t Forget Me.

Included at the event was guest speaker Ray Freer, thought leader Mary Closser, and representatives from Summit County Clubhouse and USARA.


About the Speakers:

Steve Grant was born in New York City and grew up in Paramus, New Jersey. After graduating from Furman University, he began a career in financial services in Greenville, South Carolina. Steve has been a guest on several podcasts and is a regularly sought-after speaker with the nonprofit he founded: Chris and Kelly’s HOPE Foundation. He currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife Cathy.

Ray Freer is a long-time Summit County resident and a founding member of CONNECT Summit County. Ray’s son struggled with mental illness for years, and took his own life at age 35. As a passionate advocate for a long time, he was on the board of NAMI Utah for a decade. he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and worked in real estate for many years.

Mary Closser is a board member of CONNECT Summit County and has been involved with CONNECT since its creation in January 2016. She has a MA in Environmental Policy and Management from Denver University and works as the Education Director for Recycle Utah. She was drawn to the organization through personal challenges she was experiencing with a loved one. Mary hopes to lend her recent lived experience by demonstrating compassion and reassurance to others in need.

Summit County Clubhouse has a mission to create an inclusive community in which all adults living with a mental health diagnosis achieve their highest potential. The Clubhouse is an international model that provides a supportive, recovery-based community for people living with mental illness that offers opportunities for friendship, employment, education, community and access to other important supports in a single caring and safe environment. Representatives from Summit County Clubhouse were there to talk about local resources and engage with Steve Grant, who has worked extensively with other Clubhouse locations as part of his foundation’s mission to help communities find HOPE and heal.

The Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA) has a mission to connect and inspire communities to advocate for addiction recovery. They envision a Utah where recovery community and connection are recognized as the most valuable assets for people to recover from addiction. USARA was there to talk to the Summit County community about options available to provide support for individuals and families affected by substance use. Their Family Support program, based on the Community Reinforcement and Family Training model, is offered by local family facilitators who have lived experience of a loved one with a substance use disorder. USARA also provides peer recovery coaching and mutual aid groups for individuals seeking, initiating, or sustaining their own recovery from substance use. All of USARA’s services are offered at no cost and many can be accessed online at

“Summit County Clubhouse,” Photo Credit to RJ Guiney, 2021
“USARA,” Photo Credit to RJ Guiney, 2021



Special thanks for the support of Park City Community Church for sponsoring and hosting Steve Grant!


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