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Don’t Forget Me: Book Discussion Summary

Don’t Forget Me: Book Discussion Summary

On May 13, 2021, CONNECT Summit County, in collaboration with the Summit County and Park City Libraries hosted a small group of people gathered virtually to discuss the contents of the book, ‘Don’t Forget Me’ by Steve M. Grant. This is one father’s story of losing two sons to drug overdoses and his desperate attempts to save them from the tragedies that unraveled despite his best and earnest efforts. 

Listen to the recording for a lively discussion around questions like, how does a parent know if they are enabling versus helping their child? Is hitting rock bottom something that must happen for someone to begin the journey of recovery? What is normal teen mischief and when is it time to intervene? What are signs of possible addiction and/or mental illness? How might this father’s journey look different if he came from a different socio-economic background? Why is it that often the other relationships in a caregiver’s life become damaged and now can we mitigate this? 

Lastly, the discussion turns to the valuable lessons learned, not only from this father’s heartbreaking journey but also from the participants in the discussion group as they share their own valuable lessons learned in supporting their loved ones with substance use disorders and mental illnesses.


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