An exceptional evening dedicated to sharing knowledge about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussions was held in Park City on May 16, 2018.  Freestyle ski champion Alex Schlopy, Dr. Jon Pertab, a neuropsychologist at the Intermountain Neurosciences Institute, and Lauren Ziaks with Wasatch Physical Therapy were panelists, along with moderation by Lynn Ware Peek of KPCW.

If you are a parent of a child who has suffered a severe concussion, the following action is encouraged:

1.  Receive an assessment by a doctor after the initial injury or visit to the ER.

Assessments are offered at Primary Children’s Concussion Clinic, University of Utah Concussion Clinic, TOSH Sport Concussion Clinic, Intermountain Neurosciences Institute, Think Head First (Melinda Roalstad, MS, PAC), and Wasatch Physical Therapy.

If needed, providers can also provide recommendations and referrals for:

Speech therapy for cognitive rehabilitation, physical therapy for vestibular or balance rehabilitation, neuro-ophthalmologists for unique visual disturbances after mild TBI, and radiologists when imaging studies are needed.  TOSH also offers weekly meditation and mindfulness groups.

2.  Recognize that there may be mental health effects resulting from concussions including:

  • Isolation when a person cannot participate in activities, the person may look fine but feels uneasy, limited or no use of smartphone, video games, television.
    Loss of Identity: out of sport/activities; loss of passion.
    Depression/Anxiety: loss of normalcy, uncertainty, living in limbo.  Care must be taken to avoid another concussion.
    Self Medication.

Please see these resources for valuable information shared during the event regarding TBI and Concussions:

Participate in this nationwide TBI study organized by UCSF: and also described here:

What parents need to know about concussions:

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Outstanding article from the Park Record recapping in great detail the event and its participants. The article is titled, “CONNECT Summit County Concussion Discussion talks Mental Illness and Injury Treatment.”

For additional information about this event or the providers, please email [email protected]