Two years and two days apart, both of the Burningham’s son’s died by suicide. The Burningham family doesn’t want anyone else to experience the loss of a loved one, so they are spreading awareness of the SafeUT cellphone app.  The app, which can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play, provides youths confidential and anonymous two-way communication with crisis counselors at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (“UNI”) or school staff via one-touch options to “Call Crisisline,” ”Chat Crisisline,” or “Submit a Tip.” Barry Rose, crisis services manager for UNI said about 1,000 people have contacted the institute via the app since its launch, resulting in 12,000 exchanges between texters and the CrisisLine. “Some are just a couple of exchanges when someone wants a referral and others can go on for hours,” Rose said. Youths seem more comfortable talking about their feelings through texts, he said. “We’re getting real, honest feelings that they may not be able to express over the phone,” he said. The SafeUT app, funded by the Utah Legislature, has enabled users and CrisisLine workers to “have very important conversations with people we may not have been able to talk with before. It’s a really terrific addition to what we are doing,” Rose said.  Read More Here

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