Mental Health: It’s Just Part of Our Nature!

As the last few days of summer start to fade into fall and birds are starting to fly South, you might get a glimpse of a bluebird on its migration path or a moose might startle you on your favorite hike. These are some of our favorite aspects of living in Summit County. While it’s pretty amazing living up in […]

It’s OK Not to Be OK: A Chat with Author Shaun D. Hutchinson

At CONNECT Summit County we know that it’s time to get comfortable with someone admitting they’re “not okay”. Our mission is to create a well-informed, stigma-free community with access to mental health resources for all, and Shaun is on a path that aligns with that mission. As an author and speaker, Shaun works to normalize mental health and provide positive […]

“Policing Mental Health” A Three-Part Series

Bedlam: Documentary and Panel Discussion “Policing Mental Health” CONNECT Summit County, in collaboration with YWCA Utah, teamed up to sponsor and host this powerful event in response to the current mental health crisis. This plight has its roots in the well-intentioned, but ultimately disastrous, federal policies that closed long-term mental health care facilities in the 1970’s. The unintended consequences that […]

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